Saturday, 2 June 2012

Valley Sound Records

HI, I'm a little bit behind with the tape at the moment, make a dead line and stick to i thought, well so much for that. I've had an up hill struggle with one thing and the other. Firstly the C15 tapes i bought are not actually C15 (7.5 mins each side) they are 10.5 each side. I was going to release a double tape 30 mins of music, but as the tapes are 20 mins long, i'd be 10 mins short, so i'm going to cut 10 mins although i will upload them so you will not miss out. I've also changed the artwork; here's the image i may use now - what do you think ? Finally the VSR logo hasn't got back to me yet, I can't wait though so watch this space. Currently in talks with some other artists who are interested in joining forces.

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